Zebrafish Core Facility

The Zebrafish Core Facility (ZCF) was established in 2012 to introduce a novel vertebrate model, Danio rerio, into IIMCB research . As the first such organization in Poland, we joined the prestigious European Zebrafish Society (EZS) and we are listed in the database of the Zebrafish Information Network (ZFIN). In 2020, our facility became a member of the Core Facility Working Group of the EU-LIFE alliance, actively participating in various initiatives, discussions of specific core facility challenges, and sharing best practices and expertise in core facility management.


We are proud to have the largest collection of zebrafish in Poland, consisting of both wildtype and genetically modified lines, including mutants and transgenics. Our facility provides access to animals, offers technical training, and supports the conduct of complex research projects. We assist our researchers in importing zebrafish lines from other laboratories or breeding facilities throughout the globe. Due to our international reputation and scientific partnerships, we also export fish lines to European and American scientific institutions. We welcome internal and external academic research groups and non-academic clients to use our services.

Our Team 

There are currently six full-time employees at our core, including the Head coordinating the facility’s work and development, and highly qualified animal caretakers. The entire staff has expertise in zebrafish breeding and is eager to assist researchers with their projects. Our team is enthusiastic about sharing their knowledge and experience in zebrafish breeding, facility design, and aquatic techniques.